Sewage Backup

Raw sewage flowing in the direction that your waste water system has been designed for it to travel presents no problems and is something rarely thought about. Unfortunately, there exists a potential for raw sewage to flow in the opposite direction and the results can be disastrous. Fortunately, the trained sewage damage restoration technicians at Restoration Now have the experience and know-how to properly decontaminate, deodorize and restore your home or building back to its original state with immaculate results. If you have suffered sewage damage from any type of waste water or sewage backup, it is extremely important that you employ the services of professionals who are well trained in dealing with contaminated environments. Not only is the integrity of your home or building at stake, but a serious health hazard is presented to all occupants of a home or building that has been subjected to sewage damage.

Our trained sewage damage remediation technicians will arrive promptly with the expertise and equipment necessary to eliminate the health hazards created by sewage contamination to your property and contents. We will install contamination barriers, set up powerful HEPA filtered air purifiers to prevent contaminating any unaffected areas, extract all sewage and remove any unsalvageable contents from the damaged areas of the building. Our sewage damage technicians will thoroughly clean, sterilize, and deodorize the entire affected area using industrial grade anti-microbial agents and powerful deodorization techniques. Once we complete the decontamination process we will then be able to set-up powerful drying equipment. Upon completion of the decontamination, deodorization and drying processes, we will then be able to affect any repairs or reconstruction that may be needed as a result of the originating sewage damage. Once we are through, there will be no evidence sewage damage ever occurred and you and all occupants of your home or building will take comfort knowing the indoor air quality will be completely free of contaminants that formerly existed as a result of the damage.