Raleigh Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

Fire damage may have directly affected only a small portion of your home or business, but smoke, soot and odor may have traveled much farther than the flames. This kind of damage is a menace to clean up on your own; without the proper cleaning job you may find soot in even the smallest cranny in your home and a smoke smell that permeates carpets, clothes, window treatments, furniture and more.

Restoration Now’s fire and smoke damage repair services are comprehensive in nature; we start at the source, removing and restoring any charred remains from the fire. We possess carpentry skills so that we can repair any structural damage, from the roofing all the way down to flooring. We will embark on a thorough smoke odor removal and soot stain remediation that will return your home or business to its previous condition. We use filters to remove soot particulates from the air in your home, so that you will not continue to find soot settling on surfaces after we leave.

Experiencing a fire can be a devastating event; that’s why employing experienced professionals to clean up from the smoke and fire damage is of the utmost importance. Restoration Now is available 24/7 for emergency services.

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